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Template issue text for github repositories without any license

Take care to verify that the library contains the symbol pdf_to_ucs2_buf() (this was introduced after MuPDF switched from GPLv3 to AGPLv3) before using this template:

MuPDF is licensed under GNU AGPLv3

As I see from [this path](https://github.com/user/project/path/libmupdf.so) your repository is distributing a pre-compiled version of MuPDF which is licensed under [GNU AGPLv3 license](http://git.ghostscript.com/?p=mupdf.git;a=blob;f=COPYING;h=dba13ed2ddf783ee8118c6a581dbf75305f816a3;hb=HEAD). You are however not specifying under what license you distribute MuPDF. You need to fix this.

It would be easiest for you to distribute your entire project under the same GNU AGPLv3 license as MuPDF itself. That way you would definitely avoid any licensing issues, otherwise you need to determine if the license you choose is compatible with GNU AGPLv3. When you update your repository to state the license, please also take care to mention exactly what version/commit of the MuPDF source you used to compile the binary libraries. The reason being that the GNU AGPLv3 license requires you to be able to distribute the exact sources used upon request, or at least provide a link to a repository where this source code can be retrieved.

If you are not able to conform to the GNU AGPLv3 license requirements you have no option but to delete your repository.
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