List of Ghostscript devices (and related files) for removal

File name and brief description:

gdevsgi.c - SGI raster file driver gdevmswn.c - Microsoft Windows 3.n driver for Ghostscript (deprecated in favor of display device in 2001) gdevmsxf.c - External font (xfont) implementation for Microsoft Windows (we deprecated xfonts a few years ago) gdevmac.c - MacOS bitmap output device (deprecated in favour of gsapi* interface and display device) gdevsco.c - generate SCO Xenix/Unix style memory mapped ioctl output (support code for gdevpcfb.c) gdevpcfb.c - IBM PC frame buffer (EGA/VGA) drivers gdevevga.c - IBM PC EGA and VGA display drivers (supporting code for gdevpcfb.c) gdevsvga.c - SuperVGA display drivers gdevsun.c - SunView driver (SunView predates NeWS!!) gdevsunr.c - Sun raster file driver gdevsppr.c - SPARCprinter driver for Ghostscript gdev3b1.c - driver for the AT&T 3b1/7300/UnixPC console display gdevherc.c - IBM PC-compatible Hercules Graphics display driver gdevl256.c - driver for 256-color VGA modes with Linux and vgalib
gdevs3ga.c - S3 86C911 driver
gdevvglb.c - 386 PCs using vgalib for graphics on the console
gdevwddb.c - Microsoft Windows 3.n driver for Ghostscript, using device-dependent bitmap.
gdevwdib.c - MS Windows 3.n driver for Ghostscript using a DIB for buffering
gdevwprn.c - Microsoft Windows 3.n printer driver ("This driver is very slow and as of 2002-09-14 it does not work"!!!!)
contrib/gomni.c - Long time non-functional, unsupported, untestable, and now doesn't build (relied on the async device stuff)
contrib/japanese/gdevmag.c - MAG image file format - anyone???

-- Chris Liddell - 2016-06-09 ---

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