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Auto-generated mupdf C++ wrappers

Auto-generated C++ headers and implementation files, plus test outputs (.html files have syntax-colouring):

These were generated by the mupdfwrap.py programme, which also runs g++ and SWIG to generate a Python module that gives a Python API:

The generated Python module is tested by the (rather hacky) test_mupdfcpp_swig() function in mupdfwrap.py. For convenience, this function and its output can be viewed separately:


In mupdfwrap.py:

  • See "Todo:" section in comment near top, for status of various todo items.

The files linked to above are updated periodically (e.g. every 1-2 days), so don't pay particular attention to the date stamp below, which is for this twiki page alone.

-- Julian Smith - 2020-03-04


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