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As of 2021-2-2:
As of 2021-2-4:
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    • changed Outline iteration to include depth information
    • Fixed ref-counting in Page::load_links().
    • fixed Page::search_page() to return std::vector.
    • added python wrapper for PdfDocument::page_write() out-params
    • Using improved scheme for wrapping functions/methods with out-params - instead of trying to use SWIG's typemaps, which are very clumy in the context of mupdfwrap.py and seemingly more designed for custom-written .i files, we now use simple C functions to package up out-params into a struct.
    • Make mupdf.Buffer.buffer_extract() return raw C (data, size) values; don't convert into a Python bytes, because can't find a way to convert a bytes back into (data, size) suitable for passing to mupdf.Stream constructor. [This allows us to mimic PyMuPDF-Utilities/demo/pdf-converter.py].
  • PyMuPDF has more information about links - fitz.LINK_GOTO, LINK_GOTOR, fitz.LINK_LAUNCH, fitz.LINK_URI.
  • PyMuPDF has abstraction for writing image files which calls fz_save_pixmap_as_png() or fz_save_pixmap_as_pnm() etc, depending on the filename.
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 -- Julian Smith - 2020-03-04


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