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 for arrays. Apparently some systems do not. If this is the case for your system, define MEMENTO_CPP_NO_ARRAY_CONSTRUCTORS.

Getting better stack backtraces

At various points, Memento wants to give you stack backtraces. On pretty much all platforms other than Windows, there are limits to what the standard C runtime can give you - in particular it will give you file, but not function/line details for each frame in the callstack.

Memento will therefore make use of libbacktrace.so if it is installed on your system. It probably won't be installed by default, but it's really simple to build it yourself, and only needs to be done once per machine:

  • git clone git://github.com/ianlancetaylor/libbacktrace
  • cd libbacktrace
  • ./configure
  • make

This leaves the built .so as .libs/libbacktrace.so

Memento will look for this on LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or in /opt/lib/, or in /lib/, or in /usr/lib/, or in /usr/local/lib/. I recommend using /opt/lib/ as this won't conflict with anything that you get via a package manager like apt.

  • sudo mkdir /opt
  • sudo mkdir /opt/lib
  • sudo cp .libs/libbacktrace.so /opt/lib/

Memory Squeezing with Memento

On Unix, with single threaded programs.

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