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Digitally signing ghostpdf.inf

You must be running a version of Microsoft Windows to use the following tools.

Install Visual Studio 2013 (community edition is fine)

Install the Windows Driver Kit
This URL appears to require Internet Explorer, additionally it opens a popup which Explorer blocks by default, this popup must be permitted or the download does not commence

Source the Artifex signing certificates and passwords.

From the Start menu, open Visual Stdio 2013->Visual Studio Tools. Right click "Developer Command Prompt for VS2013" and 'Run as administrator'

Put the .inf file, and any associated required files (in the case of ghostscript.inf, this requires ghostscript.ppd) in a new folder.

inf2cat /driver:<folder where .inf file is stored> /os:7_x86,7_x64,8_x86,8_x64
Note that the driver parameter is a folder, inf2cat runs on all the files in that folder so its best to have only the required files present!

Sign the .cat file by running:
signtool sign /f "<path to Artifex key>\key_for_signing_exes.pfx" /p <password for key> /t http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timestamp.dll ghostpdf.cat
You may need to have added the Artifex certificate to the system before signing. By the time I ran the signing tool I had already added it so I'm not certain.

-- Ken Sharp - 2015-05-28


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